Revival of Community Spirit as Elderly Daycare Centres Reopen

Posted on 02/07/2024

In an uplifting turn of events marking the onset of a vibrant era for community health and engagement, the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Ageing and Disabilities announces the joyful reopening of the Elderly Daycare Centres in East Basseterre, St. Peter’s, and St. Paul’s.

On February 5, the centers welcomed back the community’s beloved seniors with open arms—a vibrant testimony to the resilience and enduring spirit of our elder members. The honorable Minister Isalean Phillip, whose dedication to the welfare of the people served as a beacon throughout these efforts, graced the centers with her presence, offering warm words of encouragement and support to all in attendance.

This much-anticipated reopening paves the way for a host of enriching activities designed to foster wellbeing and community unity. At the local health centre, nurses keenly engaged with seniors, imparting crucial wellness tips underscoring the importance of a nutritious diet and regular exercise.

In a delightful display of culture and camaraderie, the seniors engaged wholeheartedly in kite-making workshops led by Delvin Paris and associates. The skills honed and bonds fortified through this endeavor will culminate in a grand Kite-Flying event slated for later in the year—a spectacle of community solidarity and festive joy.