Ministry Of Agriculture Grants Certificates to Farmers Advancing the 25 by 25 Initiative

Posted on 02/09/2024

In an inspiring development for local agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Marine Resources applauded the determination and spirit of collaboration on Wednesday evening as it recognized over 120 farmers with certificates of participation. These farmers are the trailblazers in the ambitious “25 by 25” initiative, which aims for a 25% reduction in food imports by 2025.

The Department of Agriculture convened its first of two 25 by 25 Crop Farmer Commodity Meetings on Wednesday (February 7th) evening where the farmers who have committed to planting watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes and sweet peppers were given the opportunity to dialogue with top officials about their involvement in this critical goal.The participating crop farmers were also presented with certificates from the Department of Agriculture solidifying their partnership in this venture.

This initiative is not just a policy but a partnership, fostering a relationship between the government and the agricultural community. Each certificate signifies the government’s assurance to support these farmers with the necessary resources and materials to catalyze local crop production.

The next round of certificates will be distributed Thursday at 5pm at the Department of Agriculture’s Large Conference Room. This event represents another leap towards strengthening our food sovereignty and uplifting the local farming fraternity.

The Ministry reiterates its commitment to this cause and acknowledges the pivotal role each farmer plays in actualizing the vision of a self-sustaining St. Kitts. Join us as we continue to cultivate growth, self-reliance, and a vibrant agricultural legacy for future generations.